Engraved Door Signs

Direct visitors with easy-to-read, custom door signs.

  •  4 holder options
  •  2 size options
  •  Durable plastic material
  • Laser engraved
  • Multiple text & plate color options

Need a hand? Get help from one of our designers.

Plate Color
Text Color
2" x 8"
2" x 10"
Black aluminum
Gold aluminum
Designer black
Silver aluminum
Add accessories Add accessories
No available accessories for your selection
Hook and Loop Fastener Mounts
Starting at $2.50
Suction Cups
Starting at $3.50
Magnetic Mounts
Starting at $2.50
Price $30.00 ...
Original Price ($30.00) + Accessories ($0.00)

Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Draw attention to conference rooms, offices and more with engraved office door signs.

Ready to help customers, employees or visitors make their way around your workplace? Provide clear, consistent guidance with engraved door name plates. Easy to create and attach to walls, cubicles and doors, our laser engraved, ABS plastic door plaques can help improve flow through a variety of business settings – doctor’s offices, hospitals, administrative offices among them.

To create the right business door sign for your needs, first decide upon look you’re trying to create. You can pair text and plate colors into combinations that are classic (black text on a silver or gold plate), colorful (white text on a colored plate) or contemporary (colored text on a black or white plate). Show off your creation with your choice of durable aluminum or plastic holders. Make setup simple with your choice of optional display accessories: adhesive hook and loop fasteners, suction cups or magnetic mounts.  Then enjoy the advantages of a more efficient, user-friendly business environment.

Holder Options

Tie your professional look together with your choice of durable office door sign holders.
gold aluminum door sign

Gold Aluminum
Gold top and bottom borders with a solid back.

silver aluminum door sign

Silver Aluminum
Silver top and bottom borders with a solid back.

black aluminum door sign

Black Aluminum
Black top and bottom borders with a solid back.

designer black door sign

Designer Black
Black plastic frame with rounded corners.

Hanging & Display Options

Pick the right accessory to securely attach your office door signs to cubicle walls, doors and more.
Hook and Loop Fastener Mounts

Hook and Loop Fastener Mounts
Stick one square to your sign, another to the wall. Press the two together to hold.

suction cup for door signs

Suction Cups
Included metal hooks are designed to fit into holes in the back of your holder.

door sign magnet

Magnetic Mounts
6” long. The adhesive side sticks to your holder, the magnet clings to metal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell name plates without a holder?  
A: Yes. To do so, check out our desk name plates – you’ll be able to select the “Name plate only” option under “Holders.” You’ll be all set!

Q: Can I replace the name plate in a holder with another name plate?
A: Yes, these are changeable office door signs. You can take name plates out of the holders, then swap in a different plate if you’d like.

Q: How many lines of text can I fit on an engraved office door sign?
A: We recommend a maximum of two lines per name plate.

Q: Can I add a custom design or logo to my door sign?
A: Not at this time.  

Q: What is a hook and loop fastener mount?
A: Hook and loop fastener mounts are pieces of material designed to stick together. One piece of material features tiny hooks that attach to the other piece. Hook and loop fasteners are cut into strips, with adhesive on the back – if you put one piece of on your sign, the other piece on a wall and then press the two pieces together, your sign will securely stay in place.

Q: I want to attach a sign to a plexiglass door. What accessories would you recommend?
A: Our suction cups are a great option. They provide a good hold and are easy to remove or reposition without damaging the plexiglass.

Q: Can I attach a door sign to a window?
A: We recommend that you find a wall (cubicle or office) or door for these signs.

Q: Can I mount an engraved door sign to an outside door or wall?
A: We recommend these office door signs for indoor use only. If you’re looking for a sturdy outdoor-friendly option, you can check out our metal signs or acrylic signs.

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